Green Living – Part 1

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Green Living – Part 1

Green is not something You can buy. Green is a Way of Life.
At Majestique Landmarks, we don’t want to merely protect the environment. We want to create a World where the environment doesn’t need protecting. We want to empower everyone in the Majestique family, and beyond, to Live Consciously. Hence, we bring to You a series of articles that help You take small steps into a greener Future.

Always take the Stairs

Choose to take the stairs instead of the lift, especially while climbing down the building. Not only do You save electricity, but also get some exercise.


Receive and pay your bills Electronically

Almost everything from your phone bill to your credit card statement can be viewed and paid online. Ask your service providers about it and set it up to reduce paper production.


Turn off your electronics when not in use

A computer left on for 24 hours can use a lot of electricity – up to 1000 kilowatts. And, even when your TV or computer is off, it is still using power. Either unplug all your electronic devices or use a power strip and flip of the switch when you’re done.


Bring Your Own Water

Carry water with you when you step out of the house. Avoid buying packaged drinking water, as it often comes in plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment.


Write Better

Use mechanical pencils instead of wooden pencils. Save trees.


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