The annual list released by The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs puts Pune at the top-spot for the “Most Livable City” in India.

This list contains a total of 111 cities that were ranked on 4 parameters:-
1. Governance
2. Social Infrastructure
3. Economic Factors
4. Physical Infrastructure

In essence, cities were judged on the basis of ease of living, most preferred, most comfortable in terms of day-to-day life and most convenient for daily activities. Pune, Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai topped the list, whereas New Delhi, the capital of the country, was at a low rank of 65.

On governance, Navi Mumbai, Tirupati, and Karimnagar (Telangana) were the top three cities, while Chandigarh, Ajmer, and Kota aced in the economic factors category. On the social infrastructure category, Tirupati topped the rankings followed by Tiruchirappalli and Navi Mumbai. Greater Mumbai, Pune Thane secured the top three spot in the physical infrastructure category.

The Ease of Living assessment standards are closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and will provide a strong impetus to India’s effort for systematic tracking progress of SDGs in the urban areas. Of the 17 SDG goals, 8 goals are directly linked to India’s ease of living assessment framework with SDG 11 that is aimed at making our cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable being measured through a set of 30 indicators.